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The Team

The Team

Some of our team that keep Inchoonans Equestrian ticking along smoothly.


We, as in me and my husband Neil, after a lot of, almost blood, definitely tears and buckets of sweat and money opened Inchcoonans Livery Yard in Jan 2009 after purchasing Inchcoonans House in July 2008. Competitions shortly followed in the late spring of 2009 and now have become a very important part of the yard. It adds the extra excitement to us all when it runs well and even better if the liveries have done well too.

I have competed up to 1m 30 BSJA and have done dressage up to Elementary and hopefully will be out and about on the circuit this year as we now have a great Team of staff working for us, knowing that I am able to leave it in their capable hands. We have 2 homebred youngsters who we look forward to bringing on and to also have out and about soon.

Best thing about your job? Juggling, pressure and new projects and goals. For us to do well we have to move forward and I am always looking to improve the services and facilities that we provide. Our days are never dull, boring or monotonous.

What is the worst thing about your job? We could work 24 7 and still be doing with another day in our week, so not enough time.

What is your favourite tipple? To be honest I drink loads of diluting juice. I hate Tea and even more so hate coffee.

What is your favourite TV programme? I love “Suits” and do watch “Eastenders” when my two kids and husband give me some peace.

What is the first word you would use to describe yourself? Determined.

What is your favourite food? Any food that has been cooked by someone else. After working in the catering industry as a chef and owning a small 4 star hotel with fine dining restaurant for so many years it is great to have someone else produce the goods as long as it isn’t my husband.

What is your greatest achievement?My greatest riding achievement was riding at the Royal Highland and watching my horse jump in the Foxhunter Finals at HOYS. Otherwise it would be INCHCOONANS..

What are your ambitions? To carry on expanding Inchcoonans and to see our home bred youngsters compete.

Tasha McLeod

I have been riding since I was 5. Started on a clydesdale then went onto the worst ponies you could think of for getting riders off. Then after that it just stuck, I found it more fun to ride a bucking horse than a nice quiet horse. I have started to competed at local level with my event horse, just have to see where the road goes from here.

Best thing about your job? Working with a good team and learning how to run and organise shows.

What is the worst thing about your job? Early starts! I love to sleep.

What is your favourite tipple? Southern Comfort with coke.

What is your favourite TV programme? The walking dead.

What is the first word you would use to describe yourself? Ambitious.

What is your favourite food? Not many things I won't eat.

What is your greatest achievement? The determination to get back in the saddle after a severe bad fall last year and pushing myself even further up the levels than I ever thought I could.

What are your ambitions? To be able to compete at Novice level with my event horse. If we get at this level then hopefully won't be stopping there, we will just see how far up the levels we can go with having fun at the same.


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